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Selasa, 07 Januari 2020

Salaktu Tariqi Lyrics Arabic and English Translation

Salaktu Tariqi Lyrics Arabic and English Translation - The balance between love for Allah, jihad and martyrdom and love for family, friends and and this world – which weighs more?

﴾  Say, [O Muhammad], “If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your relatives, wealth which you have obtained, commerce wherein you fear decline, and dwellings with which you are pleased are more beloved to you than Allah and His Messenger and jihad in His cause, then wait until Allah executes His command. And Allah does not guide the defiantly disobedient people.” ﴿  Quran, at-Tawba 24

Lyrics and Translation of the Nasheed

سَلَكتُ طَريقي وَلا لَـن أحيد *** عَزَمتُ المَسيرَ بِعَزم الحديــد
I chose my path and I won’t give up
I determined my way with firm will like iron

وَودَّعَ دُنـيـايَ قَــلـبٌ عـَنيد *** فَوَجَّهَ طَرفـي لأرضِ الأســـود
A stubborn heart left my world
My glance turned towards the land of lions

أرانـي أيـا دارَ أهـلِ الـتقـى *** إلـيـكُـم أحـنُّ إلـى المُـلـتَـقــــى
Show me the land of pious people
Towards you I tend, to the encounter

وَفـيكُم أتوقُ إلى المُـرتَـقـى *** لـِـجَـنَّـةِ رَبٍّ غَــــفـــــورٍ وَدود
And among you I yearn for the ascendance,
to the Paradises of my Lord, the Forgiver, the Loving One

فَودعتُ أمّي وَدَمعي جَرى ***  على الـخدِّ رَقراق بَلَّ الثَّــــرى
I parted my mother, my tears pouring down
the cheek, moistening the ground

فََضَجَّت بُكاءً قُـبَيل السُّـرى *** وقُـلـتُ لِـقـانا بِـدار الـخُـلـــــود
We started crying short before the parting
I said “our meeting is in the place of eternity”

فـقـالت بُنيَّ فـؤادي حَرَمتَ *** مِـن الأنـسِ فِي الـدار لـما كبرت
She said “my son, my heart you deprived..
from amiability when you grew up”

أتَـذكُر زَوجاً جَـمـيلاً أرَدتَ *** أتـذكُـرُ لَـيـلاً حَـديـثَ الـجـُـــــدود
“Do you remember a beautiful wife you wished?”
“Do you remember a night, (spent) talking about ancestors?”

فـقـلتُ أيـا أمُّ كَيفَ الـهَـنـاء *** و إخــوانُنـا فـي خِـضَـمِّ العَنـاء
I said “mother, how can we accept happiness…
while our brothers are in deep suffering?

فـتبّاً حـياتي حـيـاةَ الشـقــاء *** إذا لـم أكـن مــن أبـاةِ الـجنــود
My life shall perish, life of distress
If I don’t become from the proud soldiers of the army

وسيّرت رحلي بركبٍ جليل *** الي القدس يَمضي أنار الـسبيــل
So I took my trip in a delightful caravan
moving to Jerusalem, lightening the path

تَـذكَّرتُ أمـي وقَـلبي العليـل *** فَـهَـلَّـت دمـوعـي تبُـلُّ الخــــدود
I remembered my mother, my heart being ill.
So my tears started moistening the cheeks.

وقـال رِفاقي أتَخـشى الرَّدى *** وخَوضَ الحُروبِ وعيشَ الشّقى
My companion said “do you fear death,
diving into wars and a rough life?”

فَـقلتُ هَـنائي بسَفـك الـدمـاء *** ولـكنّنــي قــد ذَكـَـرت الــــودود
I said “my delight is with the spilling of (my) blood”
But I remembered al-Wadood (the Loving One)

تَـذَكَّـرتُ أمّـي أيـا قـومُ هَــل *** ألُامُ وَبَعضي عَن بَعضي إرتَــحَل
I remembered my mother. O nation, am I’m blamed
if parts of me left other parts?

قَد كانَت حَياتي وكُنتُ الأمَل *** وَوَدّعتُها وهـي تَرجـوا الوُعــود
She was my life and I was the hope.
I parted her while she was requesting promises.

رمـانـي عــــدوا الإلـه اللـعين *** وراء جـــدار قـــديـــم دفـــيـــن
The cursed enemy of God fired at me
behind old hidden walls

فأدمى الرصاص فؤداي السخين *** وسالت دمائي بأرضي تسود
The bullet drained my warm heart
And my blood flowed, spreading on the ground

وحَشرَجَ صَدري وزاد النِّزاع *** فودَّعت صَحبي و أرض الصِّراع
My chest hastened, and the death struggle increased
I parted my companions and the place of combat

سـألـقـى إلـهـي وداعــا وداع *** وصِـرتُ شـهيداً فَيالَ السعود
I’m going to meet my Lord, farewell, farewell!
I attained martyrdom, what a joy!

ألا أبـلِغـوا أمـي أنـّي شَـهـيـد *** بـأرض الجهاد فــتــيٌّ شـديــد
Reach the news my mother, that I am a martyr
in the lands of Jihad, a youthful martyr.

أجـاب إلــهي دعـائـي وحـيـد *** فـبـلَّـغَـنـي ربِّـي مـا قَـد أريــــد
My God accepted my prayers, he’s the One
My Lord granted me what I’d been longing for

فيا فَرحتي بعد هذا العناء***  ويا لَهفتي بعد هذا الشقاء
My joy after this suffering!
My desire after this hardship!

احقا سألقهم الشهداء ***  واصبح حيا وارجو اعود
Will I really meet them martyrs,
then become alive and wish to return?

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